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Our Clinic Now Uses Digital X-Rays – Find Out Why

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Let’s take a look at the benefits of digital radiography:

  • Available immediately. Digital X-rays take virtually no time to process. Picture taken. Picture out. Film X-ray, on the other hand, takes 5 – 8 minutes to develop—lengthening your stay in the chair. No processing time, which means having the pictures immediately available on a computer screen makes it easier for your dentist to educate you on what is going on with your teeth.
  • Improved diagnostic quality. One of the early arguments against digital X-rays was that the quality of the image was not as sharp. This is no longer the case. Digital picture quality now is as good if not better than film.
  • Fewer retakes. Digital X-rays are less prone to being over- or underexposed, positioning errors and cut-offs, developing errors, reducing the need to retake X-rays.
  • Enhancement capability. Digital images can be enhanced through processing software to make them clearer. This can make diagnosis more accurate.
  • Archiving. Digital pictures are easily stored on a computer, making them more convenient to find and display on a screen. They can also be shared more easily with other dentists or your insurance company. We can print multiple copies of Digital X-rays or email them to your insurance company, if they have that capability to do so.
  • Going green! Digital X-rays eliminate the need for toxic chemicals associated with film-based radiography. And no paper is used to print up pictures—X-rays are viewed on a monitor (unless needed to be printed). Eliminating the use of chemicals associated with film X-rays allows our workplace to be much friendly and healthier to the environment.

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Written by Dr. Kevin Hamm

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