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Tooth Sensitivity to Cold: What Are the Causes & Treatments?

A woman experiencing tooth pain after drinking cold water.

Causes of tooth sensitivity to cold can include:

Enamel and/or dentin erosion
Gum recession
Leaking or lost filling

Your dentist can conduct a dental exam to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity, address the underlying reason, and recommend treatment options, such as different toothpaste, fluoride treatment, dietary changes, or further dental work if required. […]

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How Long Does Numbing Last After the Dentist?

A young boy receiving local anesthetic during a dental appointment.

Usually, you can expect the sensation to fade within a few hours. But sometimes, it may take until the next morning for your mouth to feel completely normal again. Shorting-acting local anesthetic can last 1–3 hours, long-lasting local anesthetic can last 2–5 hours, and extra long-lasting local anesthetic can last up to 8 hours. […]

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