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Tooth Sensitivity to Cold: What Are the Causes & Treatments?

A woman experiencing tooth pain after drinking cold water.

Causes of tooth sensitivity to cold can include:

Enamel and/or dentin erosion
Gum recession
Leaking or lost filling

Your dentist can conduct a dental exam to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity, address the underlying reason, and recommend treatment options, such as different toothpaste, fluoride treatment, dietary changes, or further dental work if required. […]

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10 Tips to Prevent Gum Recession

A close up of a mouth and teeth showing gum recession due to tooth brush abrasion also known as brushing too hard.

Gum recession is a common dental issue. Caused by a combination of lifestyle, environmental, and hygiene factors, this condition leads to the gums pulling away from the teeth. Gum recession can create pockets for bacteria to breed and thrive, which can lead to all kinds of dental conditions. But how do you prevent gum recession? […]

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Tooth Abscess [Causes & Treatments]

A cartoon illustration of three teeth with faces, two of them with facial expressions of fear and worry looking towards the third being an infected tooth with a look of sadness

Can a dentist pull a problem tooth out? Certainly. But that’s not usually the first option. Having an infected tooth is never a good thing, but modern dentistry does provide several potential solutions. The most important thing is getting an infected tooth treated sooner than later. Ideally, antibiotics or a root canal can eliminate the […]

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