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Can You Eat with Invisalign On?

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There are great advantages to having Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment. One of the main benefits being how simple eating will be. While you can’t eat with your Invisalign on, you can easily remove your clean aligners before a snack or meal.

Being able to remove your Invisalign before you eat makes a world of difference. Unlike traditional braces, there are no limitations to what you can and cannot eat.

Invisalign is meant to be taken out when you eat. One of the reasons for thi is that many foods and drinks we consume can be harmful to the health of your mouth if not taken care of properly. While Invisalign will help to change your smile, you will need to change some areas of your oral hygiene routine when you choose Invisalign. 

Changes to Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine with Invisalign

Because you will be taking out your Invisalign aligner when you eat, it gives you the opportunity to implement some changes to your oral hygiene. You need to have better oral hygiene as the aligners can keep food in and around your teeth.

Many different foods and beverages can stain or discolour your teeth over time. Just like your teeth, these items can also stain your Invisalign, which is why you need to clean your mouth after every meal before putting your Invisalign back on.

Some changes to your oral hygiene to consider are:

  • More frequent brushing and flossing
  • Avoiding food and drinks that can stain

After every meal, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve cleaned your teeth before putting your Invisalign back in. You can drink with your Invisalign in, but it’s important to be aware that many drinks including sodas, wines, teas, and coffees can stain your aligners. These beverages can cause a buildup of plaque and bacteria. This bacteria can sit between your Invisalign trays and your teeth and if left unattended, can lead to cavities.

What If I Forget to Take Out My Invisalign When I Eat?

Sometimes we forget a thing or two—this can happen with your Invisalign too. While Invisalign trays are made of strong plastic, they can still crack or break if accidentally left in while eating. 

Your teeth are such a strong part of your body. On the MoH hardness scale, a system to rate the strength of material in our world, teeth rate a 5. For comparison, diamonds, the hardest substance on earth, are a 10.  

The force from your teeth when chewing has the power to break many foods in your mouth, like nuts, pitted fruit and frozen treats. This also goes with anything that could be on your teeth at the time, such as your Invisalign. If you have your Invisalign in while you are eating, you run the risk of damaging your teeth and your Invisalign trays. 

A woman at the dentist having her Invisalign clear aligners put in

Tips & Tricks for Invisalign Care

Some things to think about and tips for your Invisalign care:

Keep A Dental Kit With You

Carrying a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash are great things to have in your bag, backpack, or briefcase. This can ensure you’re prepared for any food or drinks you consume during the day. 

Bring Your Storage Container With You

Having your storage case for your Invisalign will ensure that you have a safe place to store your trays when you’re eating. It’s not recommended to keep your trays in places where dirt and bacteria can easily get to your trays, like on your plate, a napkin, or the table.

We’re Here for Your Invisalign Needs

Your Invisalign is a great option to help straighten your teeth without the bulky appearance of traditional metal braces. Southgate Dental Centre is here to help along the way. Your smile is important to us! Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on your Invisalign journey!

Written by Dr. Kevin Hamm

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