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Benefits of Invisalign®

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At Southgate Dental Centre, we want you to achieve and maintain the healthiest smile possible. Consult one of our team members for more information on keeping your mouth healthy.

Consider the following benefits of straight teeth:

  • Avoiding Headaches: You might experience fewer headaches after your teeth have been straightened. When the teeth are properly aligned, you are far less likely to absent-mindedly grind your teeth or clench your jaw.
  • Cleaning Is Easier: Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. They can be brushed and flossed more easily. Even rinsing with water is more effective when your teeth are straight.
  • Preventing Gum Disease: When you can clean your teeth more effectively, you will be far less likely to develop gum disease. If you allow food particles and bacteria to remain stuck in your teeth, your gums will become weakened and begin to recede.
  • Avoiding Other Health Issues: In addition to gum disease, you could manifest other health conditions. Gum disease has now been linked to some serious medical issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.
  • Retaining Teeth: When your teeth can be cleaned easily, you may be compelled to clean them more often. This will help to prevent dental decay. By avoiding gum disease, you will also avoid bone loss. Simply put: When your teeth are straighter, you will be able to keep them for longer.
  • Supporting a Healthier Jaw: Tooth loss is associated with loss of bone in the jaw. By retaining your teeth, you could also avoid losing bone tissue in the jaw.
  • Maintaining Healthy Teeth: Crooked teeth may be more vulnerable to sustaining an injury, such as cracking or chipping. Straighter teeth will not be as likely to chip when you chew your food, play sports, or experience a mishap.
  • Circumventing Lip Injuries: You might also prevent certain kinds of lip injuries when you get your teeth straightened. Your bite will be aligned, so your teeth will not rub or push against your lips and inner cheeks.
  • Supporting Better Digestion: Straighter teeth make chewing easier to do. When you can chew your food properly, your digestive system can work efficiently too.

Talk to Your Edmonton Family Dentist about Invisalign® Treatment for Straighter Teeth

Treatment for straightening teeth has never been more accessible or convenient. Invisalign therapy is designed to straighten your teeth in a highly effective and streamlined way. These aligners are virtually unnoticeable, so you can wear them without feeling self-conscious. They generally take less time than traditional braces to do the same job. One of our capable and friendly dentists can help you explore this treatment, so you may determine whether it is the best choice for you.

Southgate Dental Centre is proud to serve area residents. Talk to your dentist about getting Invisalign® treatment in Edmonton.

Schedule your next appointment by calling us at 780-434-9566. You can also contact us online.

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